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The Monsters and Darkness Wiki is a repository of information required for creating a character and joining the MaD play-by-post roleplaying game. This site has been designed as a wiki with pages organised into categories. Players are required to join the [MaD RPG] to participate, and may choose to join this wiki so that they may develop the world in which their character resides. Some high traffic pages have been locked from editing so that players do not accidentally alter any official lore but players are encouraged to build upon the existing world.

Before you leap into joining, please read the player guide.

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Credits and Disclaimers

Monsters and Darkness

MaD is a FANDOM play-by-post forum based in an original AU post-apocalyptic universe on a small nameless planet. It blends numerous fantasy elements from various novels, graphic novels, television series and anime. We are inspired by the world of Pokemon, the seven deadly sins and heavenly virtues, and Marvel's Inhuman or X-men to create a unique environment in which to capture and train Pokemon. There are also original elements created by the owner, Nox, and fellow writers (players), however we do not claim to be 100% original.

Our Rating

MaD is created for adults (18+) and has a 333.png rating.

  • 3-Language; Swearing and mature language is permitted.
  • 3-Sexual Content; Sexual content may be described in detail.
  • 3-Violence; Graphic violence is permitted.

A high rating does not mean that any person is expected to post in this way, but simply allows creative freedom. ALL threads with mature content must be labelled with an 18+ note in their title or description.


MaD is a fan-made interactive play-by-post fiction writing group. As this is a collaborative game we cannot be expected to always provide credit where it is due, however nothing but respect and admiration is bestowed upon those that have inspired this game. No copyright infringement or plagiarism is intended; we simply hope to have a fun and enjoyable experience. As users we will not attempt to violate any laws(including but not limited to copyright laws and laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content).

Some notable areas where unintended violation may occur include;

  • Players using links to artwork as a reference to their character
  • Media, such as images from the Pokemon games or anime
  • Any written words that may be similar to a novel, script, publication

It is assumed that unless explicitly stated the above is used without permission and should any content be in violation to laws or TOS the owners will remove as soon as humanly possible.

Credit to;

  • Nintendo, Game Freak
  • Marvel, The Walt Disney Company

(and anyone we may have inadvertently forgotten)